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our architecture of taste

Creative Apulian cuisine


Our cuisine is based on the philosophy of the three elements of flavor, color and creativity.
Every dish we prepare is made using three main ingredients.
We are attentive researchers of local produce and we love the Apulian culinary traditions that we always revisit with surprising forays into contemporary cuisine. Our creative work starts with local, fresh and seasonal produce to which we add high quality ingredients from traceable, guaranteed and safe supply chains.
We experiment with new combinations and use leading edge cooking systems.
Our cuisine is authentic and light, with an elegant taste and intense flavors, in a vibrant journey between memories of the past and anticipation for the future. In each dish we design a new architecture of taste that you will never forget.

Fresh pasta buttons filled with ricotta cheese, with cooked and raw mullet

Pupils blanched with crunchy,  
powdered crusco bell pepper

Pane di Altamura PDO rum cake
with dark chocolate

Lessons in traditional Apulian cuisine

Cooking class

Our settings become a seafront cooking laboratory equipped with all the most useful culinary tools for learning how to prepare dishes of the Apulian gastronomic tradition. You will experience an immersion into the typical flavors of Puglia, under the expert and engaging guidance of our chefs.

Taste experiences

Hands in pasta dough

An authentic experience to get to know the Apulian specialties and learn how to prepare many delicacies that you will taste at the end of the lesson with some excellent wines.

PERIOD: October - April
Orecchiette, cavatelli and tagliolina
Panzerotti and focacce
Sweet and savory taralli
Cartellate and almond sweets
Lots of other Apulian specialties
Authentic products

Our garden

For cooking lessons, our guests use seasonal fresh produce and aromatic herbs from our garden.


Management & headquarter 

Litoranea Mola-Cozze, 12
70042 Mola di Bari | BA
Puglia | Italia

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Event organization and management

Creative Director  Sabrina Merolla